Conquer the Cloud.
OptDyn is the company behind Subutai™, the intelligent platform that brings Open Source Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Cloud computing, Internet of Things (IoT), and cryptocurrency mining to everyone. Unlike many companies whose promises lack a working product backing their claims, Subutai is proven, mature (software v7.0; hardware v2.0), solves real-world problems, and is ready to use today.

As Internet and Cloud consumers can only currently purchase services from providers, Subutai acts as “the Airbnb of computing resources”, leveraging the power of peer economics to enable individual and business users to both buy and sell cloud services, among other resources. Subutai can be immediately applied across countless application areas in both commercial and private use.

The promise of IoT brings connectivity to an array of smart, Internet-connected devices. In the near future your next computer is not just a laptop, tablet, or wearable, but rather EVERYTHING around you: your computer is every device you own at home, rent while traveling, or use at work —all operating together in unison, at the right time, in the right place. Gartner predicts that by 2020 the IoT may include 26 billion connected units.

The cloud MUST escape the confines of datacenters to flow into businesses, into small and branch offices, even homes, tying together devices on its periphery. IoT and “fog” (a cloud on land), are NOT separate but connected and part of the cloud. It's all one continuous, dynamically changing, and fluid system. The true cloud must non-intrusively integrate into our lives to assist us by orchestrating all the technologies around us so we may gain the expected value and benefits of cloud computing. The cloud MUST tie people together with their devices and systems effortlessly, fluidly, and naturally. We already see multiple devices and computers invading every aspect of our personal and professional lives. Our clouds will bump and merge with other clouds to facilitate our needs. We believe this future is inevitable. Cloud and fog computing must adapt to incorporate peer to peer technologies into its essential core to connect people and their social networks together optimally and dynamically.

Subutai disrupts and democratizes the Cloud, allowing peers to create secure virtual private cloud environments across idle computer resources. Subutai™ PeerOS efficiently and securely connects devices, the IoT, on the periphery of the Internet to cloud applications which may also run on the edge or in data centers. Subutai’s adaptive resource provisioning uses machine learning and analytics to optimally place resources to meet the needs of the applications running in P2P clouds. Our products use advanced analytics, and adaptive reconfigurable hardware to provide secure optimal results our end users can truly see and feel. Similar to the way torrents work for file sharing, the Subutai™ Bazaar allows you to securely share devices and resources on computers you own with others.

The Subutai™ Blockchain Router is a power-efficient, “green” broadband Cloud router and open hardware IoT gateway. It serves as a plug-and-play cryptocurrency wallet and mining device that allows users to easily enter the cryptocurrency economy. Using just 18W, the Subutai Blockchain Router is eco-friendly and cost-effective, requiring 1,083% less energy over GPU-based mining devices —a critically important consideration in today’s energy-aware environment. As a flexible IoT gateway, the Blockchain Router allows devices on the edge to be securely and efficiently connected to cloud applications. Subutai treats the cloud and the fog as one and the same, in a single continuum, to prevent unnecessary round-trip device communication with servers in data centers from impacting performance and security. As a multifunction device it can be configured to be a media center, a home/industrial automation and security system.

Subutai originated as a multi-million dollar defense project for a new P2P Cloud computing platform that could reconfigure itself dynamically and securely across the Internet. After the project was completed, the client allowed the software to be open sourced, and, since 2013, OptDyn, has been dedicated to make this software available to everybody.