Personal Cloud Computing and IoT for Everyone

Who we are

We're engineers, open source developers, designers, and project managers
passionate about p2p social cloud computing and the *NIX operating systems.

We stand on the shoulders of giants and we are thankful.

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Secure optimal
reconfigurable hardware

Our Open Source Projects

As a primary contributor to the open source Subutai project,
we have built and designed our products to interoperate with and enhance Subutai.

A new open p2p cloud and fog (IoT) computing platform

Subutai mockup image

In the near future your next computer is not just another device like a laptop, tablet, or wearable.

It's EVERYTHING around you; your computer is every device you own at home, rent while traveling, or use at work, all operating together in unison, at the right time, in the right place.

Subutai provides a cornerstone for such a future. It's a peer-to-peer application, kind of like bit torrent, that you, your friends, others and even corporations can install on their computers.

Similar to the way torrents work for file sharing, Subutai allows you to securely share devices and resources on computers you own with others.

Subutai's Website

Our Products

Be social! Use the Hub to share, barter, or rent resources
on your Subutai peer with others.

Make life easier! The Hub offers free services to
connect peers effortlessly even for commercial purposes.

Join the cloud sharing economy now!

Our Products

Subutai Router

The Subutai Router is an adaptive Broadband Router and IoT
Gateway device for home, small and branch offices.

  • Troubleshoot router's configuration
  • Monitor devices on your network
  • Adaptive
  • FPGA based

The router's got Subutai Software, inside! Register your router to the Hub in seconds to start sharing resources immediately.

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How they work together

Our products could all be used separately, each with their
own benefits, together they're pure magic.
  • Subutai
  • Subutai Hub
  • Subutai Router

Subutai, its Hub and the Subutai Router can be used independently, however when used
all together the value of the combination is much greater than the sum of all the parts.

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