P2P Cloud Computing, IoT, and Cryptocurrency Mining for Everyone

OptDyn is the company behind Subutai™, the intelligent platform that brings Open Source Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Cloud computing, Internet of Things (IoT), and cryptocurrency mining to everyone.

Subutai disrupts and democratizes the Cloud, allowing users to easily participate in the crypto economy through energy-efficient cryptocurrency mining and frictionless commoditization of idle computing resources. Businesses using Subutai can instantly raise and operate a sharing economy for countless applications using its Ethereum blockchain reserve currency token.

Subutai is actively used in 60 countries across an array of private and commercial applications. Market highlights include telecommunications, energy, FinTech/banking, cyber defense, research, smart cities, vehicle networks, and more. Subutai opens the $760+B Cloud and Internet-of-Things ecosystem through decentralized, self-adaptive, and cost-efficient infrastructure that securely connects sensors, devices, and end users more effectively along the continuum. Ideal for “last mile” communications, Subutai is used in mission-critical Industrial IoT/Industry 4.0 applications in smart energy/grid management, smart city illumination, and other programs.

Commercial users are easily creating Smart Contracts with Subutai Blockchain-in-a-Box, launching secure N-way virtual private networks (VPNs), running cryptocurrency mining pools, and more. Individual enthusiasts use Subutai blueprints to play Minecraft, share content, publish blogs, host Websites, and much more. As Internet and Cloud consumers can only currently purchase services from providers, Subutai acts as “the Airbnb of computing resources” by leveraging the power of peer economics to enable individual and business users to buy and sell cloud services.

The Residential Edition of the Subutai Blockchain Router will be deployed across the $1.5T global telecom industry and $60B Web Hosting/ISP market in early 2019.

Pre-sale for the Subutai Blockchain Router is now open in partnership with GEMNET!