Rapid changes in technology make it difficult to stay current and up to date.

Driving forces in social networking, mobile technology, big data analytics, and the Internet of Things along with increased fiber connectivity have dramatically accelerated the rate of innovation.

It's time for a new revolutionary advance in Broadband router technology that can adapt fluidly to these rapid changes while insulating traditional users, and technologists alike from having to replace their router.

What is the Subutai Router?

The Subutai Router is an adaptive Broadband Router and IoT Gateway device for homes, small and branch offices. In addition to using it like any other Wifi Router, it comes preinstalled with Subutai tuned and hardware accelerated. It's a ready to use plug and play Subutai appliance to power up and connect your computers and devices in minutes. Like the Subutai software, the hardware router can also be registered with the Bazaar to start sharing resources immediately.

  • Broadband router
  • IoT device gateway
  • Security functionality
  • P2P cloud acceleration

Why the Subutai Router?

Change is the only constant. The Subutai Router is specifically designed to be adaptive. It responds to the way you use it and to potential threats it may encounter. It supports our philosophy of security through dynamism.
The Subutai Router dynamically changes its hardware: hence the word "Liquid" in the name. Optimal performance is maintained while protecting against security threats thanks to dynamic hardware acceleration.
The router captures network packets at line rate for analysis. Traffic patterns are analyzed for performance bottlenecks and possible security threats. Threats are immediately detected and counter measures are deployed.
The flexibility of the router does not need to be just for performance and security. Totally new functionality could be added. Your router could be adapted to serve as a digital recorder, a network attached storage device, and more.

Use Cases

Сonnect and control your devices
The Subutai Router is also an IoT gateway device letting you connect and manage devices. You may connect your security system, or your home automation system to the router and manage them through the router's console or through the Bazaar remotely across several different locations.
High Speed NAS
The router contains high speed flash based storage that can exceed the speeds of most SATA-III drives. You can use it as a network attached storage device or a high speed digital recorder. The storage can be increased and speed up by adding more flash storage (eMMC) modules to the device. The router can RAID across these modules.
Subutai router Subutai router back view Subutai router alternative view Subutai router alternative view Subutai router alternative view Subutai router alternative view Subutai router alternative view

Technical Specification

Zynq 7020 SoC - Artix XC7A50T high speed LVDS based communication architecture
Snappy support
High Speed RAID array eMMC storage (fully configurable upon size vs speed)
Wi-fi 802.11 b/g/n
Bluetooth 4.0 LE for IoT connections
5 ports (Layer 2 Controlled) Ethernet Switch
Configurable High Speed I/O Expansion Interface
2 All programmable Artix FPGAs to make you implement your own IP cores