Conquer the Cloud

Subutai harnesses the potential of the Internet of Things (IoT) to enable system administrators, developers, telecommunications companies, Internet Service Providers, and casual users to easily create dynamic private Cloud environments across Cloud infrastructures and devices on the edge. With Subutai, users --from professional system administrators to major utility companies to branch offices to up-and-coming enthusiasts-- can sell and purchase computing resources from mutually-authenticated suppliers, as well as sell excess computing and storage. The Subutai platform includes:

  • Subutai —Open Source, container-based P2P Cloud computing platform that allows anyone to share, barter, or rent computer resources using Subutai’s cryptocurrency;
  • Subutai Hub —Cloud commerce software platform, reputation system, and search engine for tracking peers and resources; and
  • Subutai Router —Open hardware optimized Subutai appliance is the first dynamically reconfigurable broadband router and IoT gateway device that mines for cryptocurrency.

Subutai management software runs best pre-configured on the open hardware Subutai Router, which allows users to easily plug the device in and expose resources and devices on their local area network for sharing and renting.

We invite you to download Subutai’s free Open Source software and join the Subutai community

The cloud MUST escape the confines of datacenters to flow into businesses, into small and branch offices, even homes, tying together devices on its periphery. This thing we call the Internet of Things (IoT), a.k.a. the fog (a cloud on land), is NOT separate but connected and part of the cloud. It's all one continuous, dynamically changing, and fluid system. The true cloud must non-intrusively integrate into our lives to assist us by orchestrating all the technologies around us so we may gain the expected value and benefits of cloud computing. The cloud MUST go social to tie together people, their devices and systems effortlessly, fluidly and naturally. Without futuristic predictions about tomorrow, we already see multiple devices and computers invading every aspect of our personal and professional lives. Our next computer will not be another device, wearable, laptop or tablet. It will be everything. Everything we own, everything we interact with. The next computer is the cloud. In fact our clouds will bump and merge with other clouds to facilitate our needs. We believe this future is inevitable. Cloud and fog computing must adapt to incorporate peer to peer technologies into its essential core to connect people and their social networks together optimally and dynamically.

"Be water, my friend."

- Bruce Lee