The biggest catastrophe in computing is failing those who are using it.

In today’s rush to join the Cloud computing boom and being perpetually connected through the Internet of Things, individual and business users are unknowingly being overcharged, underserved, and missing out on its true potential.

A real, often unaddressed, problem with today’s Cloud providers is cost: investments are seemingly minimal, but once the promotions end, users are often left with sticker shock from unexpected costs adding up. According to former NASA cloud architect Josh McKenty, "...Amazon will cost you $80,000 a year for something you can buy for $3,000."

Cost is but the tip of the iceberg. Other concerns include:

  • Control (changing providers is expensive, complex, labor-intensive, and hinders data access; lack of interoperability leads to vendor lock-in);
  • Diversity (pre-determined infrastructure limits freedom of choice);
  • Privacy (exposing personal/business information; governments demand data mining);
  • Security (hackers target large “secure” providers; espionage, cyber attacks);
  • Jurisdiction (major providers are US-based; NSA reading emails via Patriot Act);
  • Integration (separation between centralized Cloud services and decentralized IoT/”Fog”/“edge” applications causes data access/routing/control “nightmare”);
  • Limited (users can only consume services from Cloud providers); and
  • Inefficient (90% of the world’s computing resources are wasted)

Enter Subutai™: the world’s first intelligent Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Cloud computing platform.

As Internet and Cloud consumers can only currently purchase services from providers, Subutai acts as “the Airbnb of computing resources” , leveraging the power of peer economics to enable individual and business users to both buy and sell cloud services. Subutai is:

  • Intelligent: uses machine learning and predictive analytics for adaptive clouds
  • Simple: users don’t have to be IT professionals to install and use cloud applications
  • Self-managing: cloud applications manage themselves without requiring IT staff
  • Secure: detects and prevents against malware and intrusion from hackers
  • Eco-friendly: Blockchain Router uses 1,083% less energy over GPU-based mining devices
  • Revenue-generating: users mine tokens and sell computing resources for tokens
  • Turnkey: enter the cryptocurrency economy with a Plug-n-play mining router
  • Open Source: cutting-edge technology; cost, flexibility, security, and community benefits
  • Dependable: KHAN reserve currency across ISPs is similar to USD across countries
  • Cost-effective: Bazaar broker perpetually shops around for best price per performance

Subutai can be immediately applied across countless application areas in both commercial and private use. Market highlights include the $1.5T global telecom industry and $60B Web Hosting/ISP market, as well as research centers, national social security and welfare data centers, medical centers, universities, laboratories, smart cities, vehicle networks, and more.

Subutai can be used in countless applications by an array of users, from individual enthusiasts to multinational concerns powering mission-critical systems. Use cases include content distribution, financial services, cyber defense, micro cloud provider, virtual electronics and IoT laboratory, “last mile” communications, home environment security, IoT energy savings, and many others. Learn how Subutai can help you.

Subutai is proven, mature, solves real-world problems, and is ready to use today.

Subutai brings Open Source P2P Cloud computing, IoT, and cryptocurrency mining to everyone.

Conquer the Cloud!