How they work together?

  • Subutai
  • Subutai Hub
  • Subutai Router

Subutai, its Hub and the Subutai Router can be used independently, however when used all
together the value of the combination is much greater than the sum of all the parts.

Peers are the foundation to a marketplace
Subutai allows individuals all over the globe to come together, to create secure virtual environments and share machine resources across peers. Peers are the foundations of the P2P cloud bazaar. To make the economics work people should be able to share, barter, and sell resources, products, or services.
Open bazaar - connecting people
over the world
This is where things get exciting. The Hub's Bazaar let's users openly and effortlessly barter, buy and sell resources, services and products. The Hub facilitates automated trading based on reputation and quality of service. Additionally free peer services are provided to members like dynamic DNS and proxy services. These services ensure stable and reliable connectivity between peers to provide a higher quality of service for cloud applications running across them.
Social Cloud Computing
The Subutai Router, already comes packaged with Subutai embedded within it. So all you need to do is activate the peer in the router and easily add resources from machines you own to your peer running on your router. The router can be used for social cloud computing to securely tie together friends and family across the globe. Share and connect with them on the Hub, the same way you would on Facebook. When registered with the Hub, the router can take advantage of advanced analytics to determine threats on the network and adapt itself accordingly. Combined with the Hub's Social Collective Defense Guarantee threats are immediately detected and counter measures are deployed. Cloud application developers can increase the performance of their cloud apps on Subutai's Bazaar by bundling soft hardware (IP Cores) into their applications. When deployed to the router these applications take advantage of hardware acceleration.

All this enables fluid personal and commercial cloud environments that can move across peers hosted on the Internet as a true cloud should.
Together, Subutai, its Hub and the Subutai Router provide a comprehensive solution for social cloud computing.