OptDyn™ Launches Subutai™ v6.0 to Empower Users to Conquer the Cloud

Launches multi-city Latin American Campaign to introduce world’s first secure Peer-to-Peer Cloud computing platform at Futurecom and Latinoware, among other events.

New York, NY —19 September 2017— OptDyn™ (formerly OptDyn), today announced Subutai™ v6.0, the world’s first market-proven, decentralized, secure Peer-to-Peer Cloud computing platform.

Harnessing the potential of the Internet of Things (IoT), Subutai enables system administrators, developers, telecommunications companies, Internet Service Providers, and other users to easily create dynamic private Cloud environments across Cloud infrastructures and devices on the edge. With Subutai, users can sell and purchase computing resources from mutually-authenticated suppliers, and allows individual users and small suppliers to also sell excess computing and storage.

“Subutai brings social Peer-to-Peer Cloud computing and IoT for everyone,” said OptDyn founder/CTO Alex Karasulu. “By helping build cooperative crowd communities that share, barter, or rent computing resources with friends, family, and colleagues, Subutai users can create virtual private Cloud environments and host their own Cloud applications.”

Conquer the Cloud

OptDyn’s Subutai platform includes:

  1. Subutai —Open Source, container-based P2P Cloud computing platform that allows anyone to share, barter, or rent computer resources using Subutai’s cryptocurrency;
  2. Subutai Bazaar —Cloud commerce platform, reputation system, and search engine for tracking peers and resources; and
  3. Subutai Router —Open hardware optimized Subutai appliance is the first dynamically reconfigurable broadband router and IoT gateway device that mines for cryptocurrency.

Subutai v6.0 can be easily deployed on a variety of hardware, from single board computers with ARM processors to big iron servers in datacenters as well as on virtual machines using most hypervisors. The management software runs best pre-configured on the open hardware Subutai Router, which allows users to easily plug the device in and expose resources and devices on their local area network for sharing and renting.

Subutai’s Open Source software is available for free on Github, with builds available on subutai.io; users who participate in the project’s feedback are eligible to earn Subutai “Goodwill” and related incentives.

OptDyn Latin American Campaign

Karasulu, together with pioneering Open Source advocate and OptDyn CEO Jon “maddog” Hall, will introduce Subutai v6.0 to more than 15,000 conference attendees that include system administrators, Open Source developers, students, IT professionals, government officials, and computing experts from regional system integrators, universities, research facilities, and Latin America’s largest telecommunications and utility providers.

The OptDyn Latin American Campaign will kick off on 2 October at Futurecom, Latin America’s largest telecommunications conference and trade show, in São Paulo, Brazil. Campaign highlights include:

  • October 02-05 - Futurecom - São Paulo, Brazil
  • October 06 - FIC - Porto Alegre, Brazil
  • October 08-14 - The Grand Slam, Ubatuba, Brazil
  • October 16 - CISL - Sante Fe, Argentina
  • October 18-20 - Latinoware - Foz do Iguassu, Brazil
  • October 21-22 - Ubatux - Ubatuba, Brazil
  • October 23-25 - E-info 2017 - Facape, Petrolina, Brazil
  • October 27-29 - FSL - Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

The company is planning the next phase of the Campaign which will include an array of education, training, and mentorship initiatives.

“Open Source continues to be a key driver for innovation,” said Hall. “We are excited to share our knowledge of new Open Source-based business models that democratize the Cloud and are well-suited for users worldwide. It’s a pleasure to be launching Subutai 6.0 and OptDyn’s other products in Latin America.”

About OptDyn, LLC Founded in 2013, OptDyn is the company behind the Subutai suite of solutions —the world’s first secure Peer-to-Peer Cloud computing platform enabling dynamic Cloud environments across Cloud infrastructures and devices on the edge. OptDyn is based in New York with distributed teams located in Europe, Asia, and South America. For more information, visit optdyn.com and follow @optdyn on Twitter.

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