OptDyn™ Launches Phase 2 of Multi-city Latin American Campaign

Adoption of Subutai™ Peer-to-Peer Cloud Platform Expands Across IoT Programs and Applications.

New Castle, DE - 5 April 2018 - OptDyn™, makers of the Subutai™ Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Cloud computing platform, today announced Phase 2 of its Latin American Campaign. In addition to an array of education, training, and mentorship initiatives, the company will be highlighting corporate and project milestones throughout the campaign.

Conquer the Cloud

Subutai™ is the world’s first intelligent Cloud platform that brings Peer-to-Peer computing, Internet-of-Things (IoT), and cryptocurrency mining for everyone. Subutai’s decentralized, self-adaptive, and cost efficient infrastructure connects end users and devices more effectively along the continuum.

Subutai can be immediately applied across countless application areas in both commercial and private use. Market highlights include the $1.5T global telecom industry and $60B Web Hosting/ISP market, as well as research centers, national social security and welfare data centers, medical centers, universities, laboratories, smart cities, vehicle networks, and more.

Subutai can be used by an array of users, from individual enthusiasts to multinational concerns powering mission-critical systems. Use cases include Industry 4.0, content distribution, financial services, cyber defense, micro cloud provider, virtual electronics and IoT laboratory, “last mile” communications, home environment security, gaming, IoT energy savings, and countless others. Subutai is proven, mature, solves real-world problems, and is ready to use today.

Subutai was developed with the aim of disrupting, democratizing, and commoditizing Cloud and IoT services through the following products:

  • Subutai™ PeerOS — Open Source, container-based P2P Cloud and IoT software.
  • Subutai™ Bazaar — a marketplace to buy/sell/exchange/barter computing resources and applications. The Bazaar contains software products such as the Subutai™ Blockchain-in-a-Box blueprint.
  • Subutai™ Blockchain Router — power-efficient “green” broadband Cloud router and open hardware IoT gateway that serves as a plug-and-play cryptocurrency wallet and mining device.
  • KHAN™ — an Ethereum Blockchain-based reserve currency token that is the default and ubiquitous currency across the Subutai Platform.

Subutai Latin American Campaign

Open Source advocate and OptDyn CEO Jon "maddog" Hall, will introduce Subutai to thousands of conference attendees, as well as system administrators, Open Source developers, students, IT professionals, government officials, and computing experts from regional system integrators, universities, research facilities, and Latin America’s largest telecommunications and utility providers.

"Subutai makes efficient Cloud and IoT/Fog computing available today," said Jon "maddog" Hall, CEO of OptDyn. "By providing a stable, turnkey solution at the foundation level, Subutai provides the ease of deployment, flexibility, and security needed to adapt and scale as programs grow."

Phase 2 of the Subutai Latin American Campaign will kick off on 9 April 2018 at IoT Day in São Paulo, Brazil, where workshops on the Subutai Blockchain-in-a-Box blueprint will take place.

Additional campaign highlights include:

  • April 12 - Campus Party, Natal, RN, Brazil
  • April 14 - Capivara Codes, Curitiba, PR, Brazil
  • April 14-15 - Mini-Debconf, Curitiba, PR, Brazil
  • April 18-21 - TDC 2018, Florianópolis, SC, Brazil
  • April 24-28 - Campus Party, Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • May 05 - FOSS RS Lajeado, RS, Brazil
  • May 06 - VI BitConf, São Paulo, SP, Brazil
  • May 13 - FOSS RS (SENAC), Pelotas, RS, Brazil

About Subutai™

Subutai, the world's first intelligent Peer-to-Peer Cloud computing platform, opens the $760+B Cloud and Internet-of-Things ecosystem through decentralized, self-adaptive, and cost efficient infrastructure that connects end users and devices more effectively along the continuum. Developed by Open Source trailblazers, Subutai disrupts and democratizes the Cloud, allowing users to easily participate in the crypto economy through energy-efficient cryptocurrency mining and frictionless commoditization of idle computing resources. Businesses using Subutai can instantly raise and operate a sharing economy for countless applications using KHAN™, its Ethereum blockchain reserve currency token. Subutai is being deployed across the $1.5T global telecommunications and $60B Web Hosting/ISP markets, among many other industries. Visit https://subutai.io/ and https://twitter.com/Subutai_KHAN for more information.

About OptDyn, Inc.

Founded in 2013, OptDyn is the company behind Subutai™, the intelligent platform that brings Open Source Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Cloud computing, Internet of Things (IoT), and cryptocurrency mining for everyone. Unlike many companies whose promises lack a working product backing their claims, Subutai is proven, mature (v6.3.N), solves real-world problems, and is ready to use today. OptDyn is based in the United States with distributed teams in Europe, Asia, and South America. For more information, visit https://optdyn.com/ and https://twitter.com/optdyn.

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