Our team
We're engineers, open source developers, designers, and project managers
passionate about p2p social cloud computing and the *NIX operating systems.
We stand on the shoulders of giants and we are thankful.
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With our products, we strive to improve the peer-to-peer social cloud computing and
Internet of Things experience for everyone.

Our products use advanced analytics, and adaptive reconfigurable hardware to provide secure
optimal results our end users can truly see and feel.
Founded in 2013, OptDyn (pronounced “Opt-In”) is the company behind the suite of solutions that includes Subutai —the world’s first secure Peer-to-Peer Cloud computing platform enabling private, dynamic Cloud environments across Cloud infrastructures and devices on the edge. OptDyn is based in New York with distributed teams located in Europe, Asia, and South America. Follow @optdyn on Twitter and connect with the Subutai community at https://subutai.io/ .